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Tote Bag

Inspiration: Hakha, Chin State, Myanmar

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Our go-to tote bag made out of cotton with our RhythminRoots Logo with a blend of our national flower, Taung Zalat, also known as Chokhlei par or Rhododendron Arboreum. We added a small pocket inside the bag to fit all your smaller items like wallet, keys, phones, and/or other items you need close in hand. 

It is the perfect tote for work, school, groceries shopping, and/or any other day-to-day activities you can think of, it is here for you! 


  • Color (Nature)
  • 70% Cotton and 30% Polyester
  • Rhythminroots Logo
  • TaungZalat Flower
  • Bag Size (55cmx35cmx15cm)
  • Inside pocket (23cmx12cm)
  • Straps (60cm)