RhythminRoots story begins mainly to connect our Chin generation back to our roots. We are known for our Chin Culture & Faith based sustainable clothing brand and one of our goal is to create a movement that reconnects Chin culture to culture; one tribe to another; one tribe at a time.

Most of all, we wanted to created a brand that communicate our tribes identity and heritage. 

Our goal is to reach more than our Chin community as we embrace diversity and versatility in many different parts of our cultures and tribes. 

At RhythmInRoots, our drive is also to create a platform for artists and influencers to uplift traditions, values, and culture through what we wear while maintaining our vision to keep our traditions and faith consistently reflecting in our brand. 

We believe that there is a rhythm in our roots that holds valuable stories and memories and we want to express that genuine livelihood of our tribes. We collaborate with artists and influencers with a limited quantity of small series of capsule collections while embracing the tribal originality and authenticity as needed. 

RhythmInRoots strives to deliver exquisite essence at an affordable budget for our tribes. We release small drops and create capsule series that can be easily mixed and matched with everyday wear. 


RhythmInRoots mission is to create capsule collections of everyday wear at an affordable price. Every garment is threaded and woven with intricate details that truly identify our tribes inner style and beauty and is a timeless investment that will hold memory with time. 


Tribe - a group of people, or a community with similar values or interests.

Our Chin State is located in the Western side of Myanmar. There is a total of 53 different sub-tribes and languages in Chin State. Our Chin tribes were among the founding groups of the Union of Myanmar. 


 At RhythmInRoots, we strive to offer staple wardrobe pieces that are timeless and versatile with a blend of street and classic capsule series. 

Our pieces are embroidered with nostalgic memories that celebrate the richness of different cultures within our Chin Tribes. We do that by collaborating with local and global artists and influencers to make small series of capsule collections. 

We focus on simple silhouettes and fits that truly define our tribes. 

From a simple T-shirt to a tailored garment, each piece is carefully thought out, handpicked and designed to portray a life long memory. 


It is not about making more but creating pieces that are relatable, reusable and nostalgic for our tribes. It is about making memorable pieces - becoming timeless in spite of time.

As conscious consumers, RhythmInRoots believes in creating pieces that truly bring meaning and values rather than mindlessly mass producing non-biodegradable clothes. 

We work with international and small businesses and we hope to continue to deliver pieces that define our tribes while doing it in a sustainable fashion.