We are so excited to collaborate with our very own cartoonist, @ArtbyAhnem Thinhnem Par Lian, for our very first launch of "CATALOG F" collection. The inspiration behind this collection was in search of something that connects people and the immediate thought came to mind; FOOD! specifically - cultural food. 

We wanted to make something that the Chin Tribes all love to eat! 

Chin State is located in the southern part of northwestern Burma (Myanmar), bordered by Bangladesh and India to the west, Rakhine State to the south, and Magwe and Sagaing Divisions to the east.

We are bringing back the food that really reminds us home, love, and family. That is why we created a small capsule series that identify our tribe!  

 Also, if you haven't check her out already, go follow and like her page @ArtbyAhnem on Instagram!

She called herself as an amateurish cartoonist and her art is a reflection of how she see her surroundings; which is full of lines, curves, edges, and fun. As cliche as it might sound, she said, "God inspires me to be a better version of myself every day and use His glory to show His love through my art and actions to those who I cross paths with".

She published her 2 books (Sernak and Adam le Eve) in 2018, currently out of stock but she will announce her future projects on her Instagram page @Artbyahnem. So be sure to check it out!